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                 GET COPYRIGHT PROTECTION FOR : SONGS, LYRICS, PHOTOS, LOGOS, DESIGNS,                    ARTWORK, DRAWINGS, BOOKS , SCRIPTS, TRAINING COURSES & MANUALS, APPS                   Business Models and intellectual property .

International Copyright law will allow Your Scripts,Works of Art,Videos,Images,I.P to be protected as a Copyright,when published and sealed with the copyright symbol or the printed word copy write.

Our service allows Your Works,or its titles,description and evidence to be published and sealed in private and inaccessible to the public,web pages,via a locked room that is only accessible by a code. 
The Code is applied for via a registration form,and only the Property owner may apply. 

Simply but In genius:
When You apply for our Copyright Registration

The Registration Form contains your Properties Title & description, with the date of Registration as evidence that Copyright was applied for.

The forms submission information is logged,and can only be accessed by the Owner if an actual Copyright dispute arises. 

This will be sufficient as evidence in a Court of Law, to settle any Copyright dispute as "Evidence of first registry.

Because another "Licensed Company" ( Licensed by the Government stipulations found in the Company Memorandums & Articles of Incorporation) holds the Published Registry,International Copyrights Law is legally upheld.

A Certificate of Copyright Registration will also be issued.

If You require Copyright Registration in any International Territory you can apply here.