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Today's Television Channels are structured to incorporate shareholders interests into the bargain that deems that the continuity of profits must be the prime motivator,and because of their Corporate structure, the entire Industry has begun to invest less and less in building new Content,which has resulted in more and more repeats being played out.

 The One World Television Channel Franchise was developed with two ethical principles in mind,

The Channels Brand theme is to Play out Positive Light Entertainment only.

Here are our reasons.

1. We feel that too many Programs are being produced that rely on the same old themes.

Car Chases,Murders,Gangland Fights,Shootouts, Cops and Criminal Action,Warfare,Horror,Zombie Movies,Vampire Movies,and general Domestic Violence and Court Scenes.

Considering that this type of Content that plays on the viewers nerves,creates stress or invokes fear or adrenal responses,is being absorbed by viewers daily,then shouldnt there also be a relevant case for a positive alternative Channel,where families can find a more peaceful haven for seeking television entertainment in their homes?

2. Finally we discovered that the BBC have invested in a plethora of new Productions,documentaries and new Series,and to our dismay the Network Channels are simply not buying them because its far more profitable to continue to play out their own content and deliver their ever increasing quota of scheduled program repeats.

The fact is that this Corporate practice trend is having a serious effect on the Television Program Production Industry as less money is returning to the new TV Series creators,therefore there is now a serious shortage of funding for new Television Series,often leaving Producers high & dry,when they have had to mortgage their homes in order to sponsor a Production. Therefore the One World Television Channel Franchise is ideally positioned to offer a final solution for a TV Program Production Company operation,due to its capacity to consistently bring in a large enough revenue stream to fund all future Program Production needs.


                               Our U.K Visa Sponsorship Investment   

 If you are based outside of the EEC, and would like a Visa to reside in the United Kingdom,there is a Government sponsored program,that will allocate an Entrepreneurs Visa if £200,000 is invested into a UK Company.

5 Star Film Company Ltd can sponsor the Entrepreneurs Visa,because we have a number of affiliatiate partnerships with Investment broker Firms. This is a win-win scenario; your funds are secure in all investment allocations,as they have been selected because they have safe exit strategies enabling the investments to be repurchased by the Us the Broker Company should the investor choose to opt out..

Returns are paid for ny advertising revenue at 8% per annum and you receive your Government Program sponsored entry visa into the UK!  

This is a uniquely new approach designed by the UK Government to facilitate growth between new UK businesses and international investors.  Another atractive feature about this type of Investment is that we transfer "C Class" shares registered through the Governments Companies House,who will audit the Company and its share holdings quarterly and enforce dividend payments by requiring evidence via an accountant that dividends have been transferred to the shareholders account.

                                                                                 "C Class" (equitable) Redeemable" Shares.

                    A Primed Golden Opportunity to invest in a New Television Channel Launch:

5 Star Film Company Ltd are to release 7,000  {Redeemable} "Class C Shares" valued at £10 each,to celebrate the launching of "One World Television" Channel. 

The Shares costing (£70,000)  are redeemable with an option to be re-purchased exactly 10 weeks after they have been registered with Companies house. The Shares will be re-purchased with Advertising revenue, at a redemption price, for exactly  £98,000. 

Sold on a  "first came,first served" basis, the Sole shareholder will receive a Friends of One World Television Channel Certificate,and will be invited to Live Concert Film Shoots,throughout the production of two Filmed TV Series,and to the VIP Reception Parties afterwards.

It may seem evident that the Company needs the investment income in order to successfully launch its Television Channel,therefore the stakes being high,the tangible rewards are exceptional bringing a 40% dividend for a limited very short term investment investment.



 Due diligence.






Unless the criteria has changed since publishing,a segment of the points system criteria requires that the applicant be engaged in a specific role within the Company this will allocate more points. Therefore although the role of Inactive Director within 5 Star Film Company Ltd does not allow any control of the company,the applicant must agree to be willing and  able to engage as a connsultant if needs be,in order to qualify according to the criteria. Another criteria may require a business plan to be submitted,our business plan will also be made available to fulfill our sponsorship. It is reccomended that Visa sponsorship applicated do no purchase the 20,000 number of shares until they have sought professional advise as to whether they have attained the additional 20 points required.