Company Background

  5 Star Film Co.Ltd   

  Television Channel Franchiser.

  TV Program distribution Company 

     Business Description. 

STAR FILM CO.LTD. is an Incorporated Film Production Company that was created from a desire to Commit to Promoting Specialist Concerts in the U.K and for the Production of Television quality Live "In Concert "Legendary Films featuring Music Performed by Yesteryears Legendary Acts. 


The Companies formation was preceded by the development of "The Avant Guilds Performing Arts Association"established after the New Millennium during a catalytic period when liaisons between the present Directors,a Lawyer,a Recorded Musician & the Founder were formed. 

Thereafter during a period of creatively, doors of opportunity opened, due to the influence of Friend & acquaintance, Violinist Nigel Kennedy. As the Publicity Web Site developed,on Myspace,eventually a contact list of more than 78 Well known Acts,and several hundred lesser known, with Web-Sites access was obtained. Whilst viewing these sites,it became apparent that thankfully many of the World Famous Performers who Recorded during the 70s were still Touring. 

Upon viewing the archives of the original footage recordings of Master Class Bands who sculpted the Musical heritage of the 70s & 80s, it became blatantly obvious that everyone of them have recorded upon equipment that is far inferior to the technology that is available today. More importantly the tape format they recorded on originally has a tendency to corrupt and decay with time.

 This led to the Idea of Creating a Company with intention to plan & Organize Filmed Concert Shoots that will enable now Aging Stars of earlier Decades to be Re-recorded and Archived upon Digital Beta Data-Base Format, establishing Quality footage, to be created for Posterity, so that a Living recorded Memory of a Musical & Cultural Heritage featuring these now veteran Legendary Stars, shall be preserved whilst they are still touring in these times. 

For Investor interests Our Aim is to Specialise in Producing Featured Guest Star, In-Concert Television Programs, for International distribution. bringing World Famous Artists to even the most Culturally defined obscurest of Nations.

 The mainstay strategy will be to offer a Series of Television Concert Programs to Broadcast throughout Europe & the World,Featuring Internationally acclaimed Acts who are popular enough to assure a Worldwide Television Network acceptance. 

5 STAR FILM CO.LTD have associations with "Musicalities.Ltd." to deploy their Marketing Strategies. This Private Company is the Brain-Child of one of the Names in the Music Publishing Business,he Originally worked for Tambla Motown,who Published the Works of Acts such as Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross & The Supreme s,& Michael Jackson & the Jackson Five,before Moving on to become the the General Manager of Elton Johns Rocket Records label,followed by a three year contract as Managing Director of of Paramount Pictures,Music Publishing division,then to eventually form his own Music Licencing Company, 

Known on the Internet as the Marketing Guru behind Motown,he moved on to become an Ace to utilize Creditable skills and to clinch over 122 specialised Contracts within the Media and Film Industry,and is licensed & available to Contract these Products to broadcasting networks Worldwide.

Our strategy was to  remain a Non Trading Company whilst allocating maximised time and effort to establish a hefty weight of valuable assets,through the creation of Intellectual Property & Business licencing Models.

Our long wait for Capitalisation led to the construction of the designed Ultimate Platform for Production Promotion,ie the Construction of a newly conceived Television Channel. Now more than 4 years in the Planning,this painstaking labour of Love & potentially Charity,for there are sponsorship projects in the pipeline,has now turned a corner on the long road to fruition,and it is to this purpose that We welcome they who may be the future Pioneers of a great adventure when we become aptly positioned to enable others to make their Fame & Fortune upon The Stage of Life,by becoming International Sponsors of the Worlds Performing Arts,through  this great endeavour which is named, "One World  Television.


5 Star Film Company are embarking as Television Program Distributors,in order to cater for the present rise in Internet TV Content licensing acquisitioning that leading new Media Venturing Firms are embarking upon; as the Company with its superb connections have indeed established access to a veritable source of Television Programs of all genres,that are still very un known throughout the territories outside the U.K.

                                                                                              Winner banner design

Executive Bodies Like our Business Model & Brand.

       Two panels of experts went through the submitted                 criteria,and gave the brand the "best innovator" awards!


Sector Innovator Award for Broadcasting (2015)

  The Award went to...

  The "One World Television Channel" Franchise.

ALSO: * Oct 2016.  "One World Television Channel" won the A1 GLOBAL MEDIA LTD. "European Business Awards" 
Finest Sector (Innovator) (Broadcasting) 2016



                 One World Television Programs Distribution:

                                           Media Analysis: 

The programs below have actually achieved the viewer numbers (in red ) printed below, the actual cost of each advertising spot for these programs is £36 per 1,000 Viewers.                  

However the positioning of the E.P.G number also effects the number of viewers,i.e random remote navigators.

Therefore our Media Analyst forecast that our E.P.G positioned below 250 on the Sky Network,could be earning from £28.000.000 per week upwards.

A Selection of the Programs were calculated according to the viewer numbers watched on the BBC Channel,and this is how much the BBC would have earned during one week if they had sold advertising. £76,792,320


Can Money Grow on Trees? (Panorama)

News and Current Affairs Episodes: 1 x 30'                                                                                                       (1.000,610)
First TX Date: 08/09/2008
Panorama investigates the rising threat to virgin rainforest, and the failure of traditional protection methods. On the back of the Brazilian government's announcement of the plan to develop the Amazon, including the construction of roads and dams, the threat to the rainforest is greater than ever. But could the area's saviour come from an unexpected source?

BBC Electric Proms 2007: Paul McCartney

Music Episodes: 1 x 60                                                                            (2.950,718)
First TX Date: 24/10/2007
Sir Paul McCartney's performance at the BBC Electric Proms was one of the best live performances of the event. A master of melodies, the former Beatle was joined on stage by a special string section for a truly spectacular and memorable performance including tracks from his album Memory Almost Full as well as some crowd-pleasing classics.

Extras: Xmas 2007 Special

Comedy Episodes: 1x80 (Also Available as Format)                          (3.710.014)
First TX Date: 27/12/2007
Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant sign off in style, bringing the multi-award-winning, critically acclaimed Extras to an emotional and emphatic end. Former 'background artist' Andy Millman has achieved fame and fortune. His transformation from bit-part stand-in to household name is now complete. And he has the new, hot-shot agent to prove it. But best...

The Princess Spy

History Episodes: 1 x 50'    (2.020,050
First TX Date: 19/05/2006
Born a princess from a titled Indian Muslim family, Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan was raised as a society beauty and soon became a successful children's author in France, taking the Parisian community by storm. But her glamorous days in Paris were not to last. When war broke out with Germany Noor and her family became refugees. She escaped to England.

The Catherine Tate Show Series 3

Comedy Episodes: 6 x 30'                                             (4.900.050) Adverts on this show cost £176,401.80 each.
First TX Date: 26/10/2006
Catherine Tate, winner of the 2004 British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Newcomer, returns with her popular sketch show featuring an extraordinary gallery of comic characters. From 'Am I bovvered?' teenage nightmare Lauren to the seemingly pleasant 'Cockney Nan', who just happens to be a foul-mouthed racist, this brilliantly observed series...

The Catherine Tate Show: Series 1

Comedy Episodes: 6 x 30'                                                (2.716.480)
First TX Date: 16/02/2004
A self-titled sketch show from the Perrier-nominated comedian. This hilarious series is a menagerie of instantly recognisable characters, from the Hollywood actress with an over-enthusiastic penchant for botox to the screaming housewife who hollers every time her toast jumps from the toaster. Characters from everyday life are parodied to the   extreme.

Pacific Abyss

Natural History Episodes: 3 x 50'  (1.517.088)
First TX Date: 17/08/2008
In one of the most ambitious underwater projects undertaken, a 30-strong team of divers, marine biologists and underwater filmmakers join forces to travel nearly 2,000 miles through the tiny islands of Micronesia in the tropical Pacific Ocean. The mission: to search for new species at abyssal depths in remote and unexplored areas and to glory in the marine life.

Alistair McGowan's 2001 Impressions

Comedy Episodes: 1 x 40'                                                         (1.716.014)
First TX Date: 25/12/2001
Alistair McGowan's impersonations place together some very unlikely famous characters - with hilarious results. Among his 'cast' are Woody Allen, Robbie Williams, Gary Lineker, Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski and Oasis's Gallagher brothers, all saying and doing the most absurd things. 

The Peter Sellers Story: Special

Documentaries Episodes: 1 x 90'                                          (2.400.088)
First TX Date: 11/02/1995
Peter Sellers shot hundreds of home movies during his lifetime. Most have never been screened in public until now. These films, plus interviews with friends and family, provide a privileged glimpse into the private life and imagination of this inventive, original and well-loved actor.

                                  AT PRESENT...

We are ready for business,having accumulated "Rights" to license for distribution more than 1700 episodes of (9) India Television Series,worth more than £140,000,000 throughout only one year of successive broadcasts.

We also list British & American Comedy Series and a feature film and a documentary series.

Having been a vetted Member of "RightsTrade" for several months,we can also introduce clients to over 4,000 Hollywood Movies that are listed at the Market Place listings that we are able to access through our account.
After 9 Years of creating 14 Intellectual Business Models including two Franchises,to the value of £4.4.000,000 we are confident that not only is the business bolstered with valuable stock,but we can engage with buyers and offer Products with 7 figure stock value from the onset.



                             The Team are. . .


                 Lorena Malone:  Senior Broadcast & Traffic Manager

                                        Chief technical Compliance Officer:


Broadcast Information Manager

Defense Media Activity
 – Present (2 months)Sembach, Germany

Traffic Manager / Video Production Specialist - AFN Europe

Defense Media Activity
 –  (10 years 7 months)Sembach, Germany

•Subject-matter expert in multi-media production working independently and in collaboration with clients. Conceptualize, plan, research, develop and arrange production of radio and television news, feature programming, public information spots and web based multi-media products for audience of 323,000 in 56 countries across five time zones. 
•Anticipate and resolve production related issues during conceptual development. Advise technical, operational and esthetic solutions, capabilities and compatibility of a variety of broadcast technology and media formats.
•Field producer/reporter and able to perform duties as a camera, audio and lighting duties. 
•Develop, research, write, photograph, and edit products, interviews, news stories and feature based specials for radio, television and web based media distribution systems.
•Coordinate required logistics, subject matter expert interviews, graphics, photographs, editing, script-writing and promotion of final products. Manage complicated logistical arrangements on short notice at remote locations with high-ranking military, civilian or host nation personnel requiring extensive senior-level staff coordination. 
•Schedule 11 television and 8 radio channels daily. Determine and employ day-part strategies for radio and television resulting in effective communication to specifically targeted audiences. Work with rapidly changing events and sensitive subject matter fulfilling objectives within short deadlines. 
•Archive spots and b-roll for future airing, production and historical use. Review media content for quality, clarity of description/caption and determine the suitability for movement to the network media management storage system.
•Provide training and technical oversight to new employees on basic methods and techniques of radio and television writing, editing, announcing and operating cameras, recorders and non-linear editing systems.

Network Operations Center Controller/Audiovisual Production Specialist

ABC News - WMAR TV 2
 –  (3 years 8 months)Baltimore, Maryland Area

• Monitored, trouble-shot and aired live and pre-recorded television programming. Collaborated with station traffic manager to resolve issues in daily playlists. Updated broadcasts with program ratings, weather reports, live updates and crawls. Worked with News department in production of live news, traffic reports and weather updates from studio and remote locations. 
• Recorded live programs, positioned antenna for satellite network TV feeds and dubbed tapes for air. Served as first-line of quality control for all products provided to ABC for airing. 
• Coordinated with advertising department to provide video requests, develop and manage publicity campaigns and schedule and target commercials. 
• Produced live and pre-recorded news, local talk shows, specials and sporting events. Instructed and informed on air talent and lead director of camera changes, lighting and studio issues. Coordinated between director and talent. Operated robotic, remote cameras, teleprompter. Worked with Kyron system to provide graphics such as lower thirds, full screens and credits.


                                                                       Animated north star shining gif 


                               Jayson  Johnson:  Channel Producer Editor:   

                                                             Achievements:                                                                                                                         Technical Compliance Officer                                          

• Developed a production, Clear-Cut Films as Founder, Creative Producer and Director, where several short films,features, documentaries, theatre, contemporary performances and studio projects were made. Presently working in Mumbai(India), London(UK).                                                                   
• Worked as Production Assistant, with Olympic Broadcasting Services, at London Olympics and Paralympics 2012. Also operating all aspects of production;scheduling and budgeting, in a broad spectrum of entertainment media including Olympic Broadcasting Services.                                      
• As Production Manger & Stage Manager at Artemis Production; organized one of London’s fabulous and successful shows, a promenade theatre, one of a kind, “Sign of the Strawberry” that received excellent press reviews and accolades.                                                                                           
• Great range of practical experience, with ENG Broadcast cameras,Sony EX3 and Cannon 5D cameras and have been involved in the media industry for more than 5 years.                                     
• Intense 2 to 3 years experience in Sales & Direct Marketing where business skills like up selling,cold calling, closing deals,negotiating and building relations were practised and achieved.• Good knowledge of editing softwares FCP/Adobe,social media marketing, online marketing,content development, execution, and marketing tools SEO, SEM, ORM etc                                                   
• Was awarded best Employee of the year ’09 and ’10 consecutively, for his services as Technical Engineer at Belkin India.        

                                                                            Animated north star shining gif 

Laird A Salmon:
Channel Director

Founder of 5 Star Film Company Ltd and 11 ingenious Intellectual Property licensing Models.     Laird was the concierge for the Virtuoso Classical Violinist,Guinness Book of Records & Brit Awards Winner Nigel Kennedy in 1999, whose Fame connection experiences later inspired him to create the “One World Television Channel Franchise” During intensive research & development process has painstakingly learned the architectural design & matrix construction processes that enable a New Television Channel to be created and launched.

                                                                Animated north star shining gif
                                                           (Public Relation & Promoter, contractee)
  ( MD of Nub Music and Nub TV - a new music show contracting to One World Television,Sky TV ,when launched) 


(Mark Christopher Lee) is our Publicity Officer and is also in charge of Promotions. Also MD of influential new record label Nub Music an influential new record label and is according to Billboard magazine an out of the box thinker and the genius behind the The Pocket Gods 100x30 album which has taken the media by storm and has been nominated for awards. Mark is also a grammy nominated composer and has produced music for films, tv and advertising - clients include Hewlett Packard, O'Neill and the Travel Channel.

Mark writes and records music in a short turn around for TV/Ads and Film. All one stop and cleared for use. He has had credits on Sky TV, & BBC,
Nub Music record label, always looking for new talent,clears & promotes Music Videos for the One World Television Channel.





                              Animated north star shining gif


               Julia Palmer-Price

              Director:  Co Founder [Program Scheduler]

  Music Professional,Teacher & Recorded Musician Debutante. Recorded with Miro,Billy Bragg,Gavin Friday,& Toured with Nigel Kennedy.




                         Animated north star shining gif 

             Rebecca Holder 

          [By Contract] Accounts Manager.

    Has held multi-million weighty accounts

     for Firms such as Apple & Goldman Sacs. 


                                                                        Animated north star shining gif


                                                               Evangelos Taxiarchos. 

                                                       [Marketing Executive,Directors P.A.]

                                     Previously, a Production Manager serving 110 Employees.   


 By Contract: 

Steve Blacknell

One World Television Presenter & P.R.

                 Animated north star shining gif

imImage result for steve blacknell kate bush

'80s - Steve Blacknell ('80's VJ /MTV Host)

'Last Night a VJ Saved My Life: The Story of Steve Blacknell'

Steve Blacknell started his showbiz career as a record "plugger" /A&R man - working for the likes of ABC, Decca and Chrysalis promoting acts such as The Moody Blues, Leo Sayer, Jethro Tull and Don Williams.

He freely admits to signing A Flock Of Seagulls to Jive in '81, and was also instrumental in the success of bands such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

In '82 he made the heady leap into TV- hosting the BBC's pop/fashion flagship show "Riverside", became a regular on the BBC Breakfast Time sofa with Frank and Selina - and was Europe's inaugural Video Jockey!

In 1984 - as host/co-creator - he won a coveted "Ace Award" in the USA for best music show with his MTV USA show "London Calling" and a year later took a pivotal role in "Live Aid", interviewing Phil Collins on his historic transatlantic Concorde flight between London and Philadelphia.

As a writer, Steve's credits include "The Story Of Top Of The Pops", and as a showbiz columnist for "TV Quick" Magazine. He was a regular at Radio One hosting "In Concert", and he achieved further cult status as host of "Pirate Radio 4" and ITV's action packed Saturday morning show "Knock Your Block Off".

In 1988 Hollywood beckoned, and he spent two years there as BSKYB's "Entertainment Anchor". With the channel's eventual demise he went on to make five movies as an actor, front over twenty national commercials and host a variety of chat shows including MTM's award winning "Men In Suits Talking".

Upon returning to the UK in 1993, he founded two of London's most successful media networking ventures "The Network Experience", and the now legendary "Waffle Club" that still meets every month in London's Soho.

He is now a media trainer, personal manager and is now firmly back in the music business - consulting on label management and his beloved PR. Having conquered Anorexia Bulimia in the early 90's he often works alongside B-eat, the eating disorder organization, in an attempt to raise public awareness to the plight of the many male sufferers up and down the country.   

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Steve Blacknell about life back then, life today, and ... Kate Bush!

Taking it from the top, and you started your showbiz career as a record 'plugger'/A&R man, working for ABC, Decca and Chrysalis promoting acts such as The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, and even lil' Leo Sayer. What were your job requirements at that time and how long did it last for? "I was a toilet cleaner in a mental hospital in Bexley, Kent - and in love with my first love - Kate Bush. She was yet to make it, but we were planning our careers. We knew we would do something out of the ordinary."

"Out of nowhere I landed a job at Decca Records in the marketing department. Quite a quantum leap. I had been a good toilet cleaner - after 6 months they had given me a brush! - BUT this was my dream. The record business. Cool. Brilliant."

"It was in the marketing department ... nothing that glam ... but after a year I landed the next dream - the promotion department! 

They called the promotion department 'The Fairy Grotto' as most everyone there was or had been gay. I looked gay alright. But wasn't. Well, most of the men I slept with said I wasn't!"

"Still most people thought I was. I was often unwittingly sent to several leading DJ’s houses with a promo album of the new Camel/John Miles/Blue Jays album, etc - only to find the 'set up' in place. I often had [to use] grovelling apologies, saying they had been misinformed. And [they] would sometimes play my stuff as they felt so bad about things!"

"Gary Crowley, who went on to be a Radio One DJ and Siobhan from Bananarama were there too. Quite a breeding ground of, erm ... talent!"

"My job was to entertain the media. Drinking and eating. No drugs, booze and meals. Within 9 months I was bulimic. Had to keep thin ... this was the record biz. From Decca to Anchor/ABC [and] looking after Steely Dan, plugging 'Haitian Divorce,' etc. And other US bands."

"Both there and at Chrysalis (that followed) I would often maybe fly to Belfast or go to Plymouth on a plugging mission - drink for 3 days with the jocks, get back home and suddenly remember I hadn't played them any music while I was there! I would very often get a radio Record Of The Week by whistling it down the phone from my bedroom in London. Leo Sayer’s 'Thunder In My Heart' was one such."

"I once lay in bed for a week getting merrily out of it and told my record boss at Chrysalis I was out on the road. I got 4 records of the week. Our expenses were higher than our wages! Great days."

Please tell us more about your relationship with the lovely Kate Bush "Well for one reason or another I really haven’t talked about it through the years. Of course I have the stories, but Kate was, and is a private person and I respect that. 

All I will say is that she was my first true love. A beautiful beautiful lady. Her music? Incredible. Well, I did turn her on to The Incredible String Band who she would later meet. 

I am privileged to have spent time with her. Wonderful times. I am reliably told [that] 'The Man With The Child In His Eyes' is me!"

You admit to being the man that signed A Flock of Seagulls to Jive Records in 1981. 

Please tell us more about that moment! "Clive Calder and Ralph Simon started Jive Records. I was at the first meeting where Clive mapped out the path of Jive. Pure genius. I was hired as the Jive PR - A&R man (ish)."

"Despite being very ill with the bulimia I was in tip top form. Saw AFOS one night supporting Betty Bright And The Illuminations at The Venue in London. The boys were wearing brightly colored jumpsuits - yellow, I think! I was mesmerized. This was so different. That GUITAR. Like a shrill ... seagull! Then I heard that song - 'I Ran”.' So, next morning I ran into Clive’s office and told him I had heard a song that would be a huge top ten American hit. We beat out several others to sign them."

"It did rather well in the US (#3, I think) and topped the charts in Oz, etc. Won a Grammy with 'DNA' from the début. I [also] toured the US as their MC. We sold out Radio City in NYC. I walked on stage [and said], 'Ullo ... now, I'm from London' and the whole place stood up and applauded. 'Rite then,' [I continued], 'here’s four more lads from Liverpool ... A FLOCK A SEAGULLS.' The place went mental!"

"I later fell for Mike’s girlfriend who would later become a huge love of mine. It was while I was a Jive that I was part of a BBC audition process to find a new TV presenters for their new Riverside Show. I left Jive for a crack at the big-time."

It is also claimed you had a hand in the success of Frankie Goes to Hollywood! Man, you were busy. So, how did this come about, and did they, at any point, ask you to 'relax'?! "I was living in North London ... now on Radio One ... BBC TV ... on the way up. People would pester ME (the ex-plugger) to get on the telly, etc. Dave Stewart lived nearby and nagged me about this great new voice, Annie Lennox. I didn't get it at all. I don’t think he ever forgave me."

"My other infamous blimp was lunching with Neil and Tim Finn and Neil telling me that Split Enz (I was their plugger) were splitting up. Tim going solo and Neil forming a band called, wait for it ... Crowded House! Bloody stupid name. He gave me a cassette of some new songs that I think you’d know. Crowded House? How ridiculous. What a name! I thought AFOS was bad enough! Didn't like the songs and never saw him again."

"One day, a mate of mine, Bob Johnson came round with a video of this amazing new band he was looking after. I watched the video. WHAT???? Girls in cages suspended from the ceiling? Two gay guys ... erm ... BUT ... RELAX!!!!!! Geezus. I tried to get them on our Riverside show, but they were deemed too rude. The Tube took 'em instead. I turned on my pal Richard Skinner at Radio One to them and one day met Holly and Paul at a café in London and we went to Radio One for their first ever radio interview with RS."

"There are lots of stories about the early FGTH times, but all I can say is that I waved their flag HIGH . I LOVED them. Interviewed them whenever I could. So, The Flock, Frankie, and the third 80’s fave was The Fixx. Still my fave rock band. The 3 F’s!"

"And no ... Holly and Paul were real gents. I never found myself in weird situations. They were pure joy. Still in touch."

In 1982 you made the leap into TV, hosting the BBC show 'Riverside.' You even became a regular on the BBC Breakfast Time sofa with Frank 'Chocolate Tones' Bough and Selina 'Easy On The Eye' Scott! What were those days like, swanning around set to set, being asked all those important music business questions? "Riverside led to lots of telly. I was at the time still ill - so throwing up before I went onto camera to feel 'thin' was a regular occurrence. But I was earning lots and loving every minute."

"I got well in '82 and joined the Breakfast Time team [in] '83 ish. Mike Smith, the regular guy had fortunately been taken ill so I stepped in and stayed. I was also Peter Stringfellows PR man at the time so I was often up all night at the club and go straight to the BBC studios - for 6.15 AM! Into make-up - where they would take most of my mascara and foundation OFF so I could go in front of the cameras! Great days."

A certain website that will remain anonymous ( stated that it was a "bad personnel decision" that you became BBC Breakfast Time's full-time entertainment correspondent. In reflection, did you have a bad vibe at the time, or was everything running smoothly - until the end, of course?! "On a Friday a few of the presenters and producers would go to a nearby wine bar at 9.15 am and get plastered rigid. Then ... to LUNCH! Frank Bough was a God. He taught me TV. Teleprompt. How to BE on TV. Frank was caught out being a bit naughty here and there and fell from grace but he remains one of the great icons of Brit TV. Privileged to have met and worked with him."

"I came 'out' live on TV about my bulimia on Breakfast Time one morning. My Mum rang me later to say that they’d always known!"

You then went on to become Europe's inaugural Video Jockey (VJ)! Hosting your MTV USA show, 'London Calling,' suddenly you were transatlantically famous! Financially secure, I'm sure, how was it sitting inside of you though, at that time? "I was often the point of ridicule. Melody Maker once proclaimed me 'Prat Of The Decade!' I was delighted. They spelled my name right! I still have the clipping. No. Brekky was a delight and joy."



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                                                          Ivan Chandler

      Professional P.R,Consultant and Copy right Services.


     [BY Contract]   

Ivan Chandler is a professional music supervisor, music copyright consultant, music licensing executive, musical director, composer, musician, music publisher, author, trainer in music copyright and a forensic musicologist. He is also the Director of Musicalities Limited, the Music Copyright & Licensing Company, founded in 1995.


His Career started alongside a professional music career as a keyboard player for Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Cat Stevens and Musical Director for Kiki Dee.

Over a span of over 30 years, he has also played keyboards for Linda Carter (“Wonder Woman”),  Marty Wilde, Helen Shapiro, Jackie Raw (Shakatak), Daddy Longlegs, Keith Harris & Orville, Shane Ritchie, Jane Horrocks and Motown legends The Marvelettes (supporting the Four Tops at the London Palladium),  has played piano at concerts and private functions, acted as Musical Director for amateur musical productions such as “Gypsy” and “West Side Story” and professionally played keyboards in the West End production of “Blood Brothers”.

From 1980 to 1987, He led Jazz/Latin Group,ICQ, with appearances at Ronnie Scott’s, broadcasts on Capital Radio and BBC Radio’s Jazz Club and 12” single hits in the dance charts. In 2010, I appeared on BBC’s EastEnders as Alfie Moon’s pianist mate Cyril and in 2011 had a commercial album release of film music performed on piano under the name of Romeo Valente. For the past 10 years, he has played keyboards for his own 60s soul, jazz, rock and blues band, Chuck Chandler and the Go Go Five. He has also played keyboards for premier Rolling Stones tribute band, The Counterfeit Stones.

As a composer, he has had music broadcast on BBC Radio, had commercial record releases on RCA, CBS and independent record labels and composed incidental music for BBC’s EastEnders.

He has also composed, produced and released his own piano album entitled “Keys To Your Heart”.


In 1969, Ivan joined CBS Records’ music publishing company April Music as a radio & TV promotions manager rising to General Manager in 1974.undertook a year as a Record Producer with singles and albums released on RCA, EMI, DJM and independent labels as well as being invited to be the pianist for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra as pianist. He also gained the prize of Top Soloist in the Melody Maker Rock/Folk Contest.

In 1976, he was headhunted for the position of General Manager of Elton John’s Rocket Music followed in 1978 by a three year contract as Managing Director of Paramount Pictures’ music publishing division.

Between 1980 – 1989, he was European Manager for Motown Records’ music publishing company, Jobete Music and was A&R Director for Motown International.


In 1990, set up Ivan Chandler Music Services, acting as a consultant for songwriters and recording artists as well as a musicologist for advertising agencies and music publishers.

From 1992 to 1994, he became the Music Consultant for PACT (Producers Alliance For Cinema And Television), the trade body representing the interests of independent film and television producers. He also set up 19 Music Publishing for Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment company for whom he enjoyed chart successes with B*witched, Cathy Dennis and Boyzone.


In 1995,  founded Musicalities Limited providing music supervision, music licensing and music publishing services for the entertainment industry. Clients include Aardman Animations, 19 Entertainment, Universal Music, Discovery Channel, IMG Media, Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One Productions, The Wales Millennium Centre, The Internationla Olympic Committee and numerous independent television, film, live and media content companies.

A key service is the provision of sample clearance services and whereby clients have included George Michael, Peter Andre, The Prodigy, Maxi Jazz and Faithless.

His company also provides training in music copyright, having presented over 250 seminars for organisations such as BBC Academy, Channel 4, Channel 5, National Film and Television School, ACM in Guildford, Comic Relief, BFI, Raindance, Met Film School, Indie Training Fund, The Production Guild and law firms including Charles Russell and Simkins LLP.

He has chaired events for Film London, PACT and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Has have had many published articles on music copyright and am the author of the PACT publication “The Music Copyright For Television And Film Production” and the newly published and one of its kind “The DVD Music Licensing Guide”.

He is a writer member of the Performing Right Society, an authorised representative for members of PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited), a contributor to Film Expo South and co-founder of Chandler & Siddell, Musicologists.

Like Steve & Chris,Ivan is so well connected in the Music & Television Industry,he is more than capable of representing the "One World Television Channel & its first Franchisee to enable many providential and successful Contractual engagements.

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The list goes on.

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