Program distributors Terms and Conditions

                                             TERMS & CONDITIONS ON ENTERING OUR BBC  WORLDWIDE ACCOUNT SALES PORTAL.

I ("the invitee / guest") am entering a restricted Client Portal as a "potential client" guest. Under this agreement "5 Star Film Company Ltd" (the Program distributor-Agent) shall convey all Programs "licenses" "orders" with invited guests at this portal solely. Whosoever accepts the invitation declares they shall not create an independent account at this "referred to" Portal. I hereby accept these terms. 
We understand that certain territories one of them which is ITALY,already have direct TV Channel BBC Worldwide Sales accounts,and within these territories,it may not be possible to establish 3rd Party licensing Accounts.

We shall inquire on your behalf,and if your required territories happen to be excluded,and You are the actual Licensed Broad caster, then we can act as your Agents to enable you to establish your own direct sales account.

If you want us to be your "Referral Agents" to enable this process according to the terms of the confidentiality agreement,then you can sign our "Referral Agents" Agreement. There will be a £10,000 per program hour tariff on all program content ordered. 

Should the contractee elect to contract to The " Referral Agents" Agreement,then they shall be no longer bound by the afore mentioned above,terms,but only by those set out in the "Referral Agents Agreement.