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                      The Remote Workers Supervisors Appliance

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      We will build your Company a similar appliance which will enable your teams to master workflow anyplace                anywhere,and deliver data & communication instantly. The Subscription paid-for Appliance will enable...

1. Decision making based on instant "on the spot" calculations.
2. Voice & Video messaging,Sending Photographic evidence.
3. Enables Location verification for overseas assignments
4. A Remote Workers Clock-in / out devise.
5.  An appointment,Program or task scheduler.
6. Send files & reports.
7. Best of all,a Skype Screen-share "Workflow Supervision" panel.

With the "Screen-share" a Supervisor can monitor all the workflow initiated at other locations,and determine whether defined periods of Computer inactivity are acceptable,or need to be discussed.

For Executives attending Conferences,or Journalists,Lawyers, Business Executives working on assignments,at Conferences,Trade shoes, or for a myriad of purposes,you cant afford to be without this device. With this Appliance You can stay on top and Master Your Remote Work Schedules, Send in recorded spoken reports from any location,send photographic evidence of Hotel bills,taxi fares,expenses,you can record meetings abroad,and send transcripts. 

 (Send us Your Logo with an order to Brand the Device)

                                                   Let Your Management be a Torch Bearer -  Pioneer! ... Lead the Way!


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                                                             View the Remote Working Supervisors APP below!                      


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