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Ruby's American Pie Series 2
Comedy Episodes: 6 x 30'
First TX Date: 04/06/2000

The interview queen returns to the screen with a new selection of programmes that open up the heart of America. What makes this hugely influential nation tick? One great insight is an interview with Paula Jones, whose allegations of sexual harrassment against President Bill Clinton started the investigation that revealed the President's relationship with..

                               Rat Pack - A Conference of Cool
                               Documentaries Episodes: 1 x 50'
                               First TX Date:
For a glittering five-year period Frank Sinatra and a group of Hollywood stars became the bad boys of fame - and the unofficial rulers of American society. They christened themselves the Rat Pack and each member - Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sinatra himself - was already a star in his own right. Together they were unassailable.

              Michael McIntyre's Chat Show
              Comedy Episodes: 6 x 45' 
              First TX Date: 10/03/2014

Michael McIntyre, one of the UK's most popular 
stand-up comedians, sits in the interviewer's chair
for the very first time, as he welcomes celebrity
guests to chat, bringing his own unique brand of 
humour to the conversation.

               Alan Carr: Chatty Man Series 7
               Comedy Episodes: 6 x 30-35' 
               First TX Date: 30/10/2011

Loved by both the public and his guests for his

irrepressible, warm and witty approach, Alan Carr

returns for another series of his side-splitting chat



           Top Gear

           Twin Towers (Documentary)

        David Bowie (5 Years)
        Music Episodes: 1 x 60'  
        First TX Date: 25/05/2013
        With unique access to David Bowie's personal archive of costumes, props, set designs, lyrics and memorabilia, 
        this programme explores five seminal years across Bowie's extensive career, with each year illustrating not only 
        the source of his inspiration, but also where these ideas led him.

                          Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle Series 1
                          Documentaries Episodes: 4 x 45'  
                          First TX Date: 22/04/2013
Adventurer Ben Fogle travels the planet meeting people who have turned their backs on the trappings
 of Western society and set up home in some of the most isolated locations on Earth. In the Texan desert, 
Ben meets John, a former photographer from New York who now lives alone in a self-built tin shack.
 In Alaska, Ben stays with Bretwood and Erin, a couple who walked the 4,000 miles...

 The Catherine Tate Show (4.5 M viewers)

                Stephen Fry
        High Concept Dramas
A celebration of dramas that grab you by the scruff of the neck with a big original idea
 This collection draws together a selection of titles that capture your imagination and
 excite your senses with charismatic characters, enigmatic ambiance and intriguing plots.


and much much more...

Ricky Gervais Interview about his collaboration with David Bowie  

Later...with Jools Holland Series 48
Music Episodes: 7 x 60' 
First TX Date: 19/04/2016
Loved by musicians and critics alike, Later... with 
Jools Holland is the longest running music television programme on the BBC and shows no signs of stopping.

Later...with Jools Holland Series 42
Music Episodes: 8 x 60' 
First TX Date: 12/04/2013
Since 1992, Later... has featured performances from the biggest and hottest names in music.
This is the only show on British TV where 
stadium fillers, current chart toppers, 
veterans and left-field artists from all 
music genres perform together in the same 
studio. Series 42 focuses on the discovery of new talent and also brings some of the biggest legends.