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Below is an example of the ingenius Remote worker Productivity Tool.
Its features include the capability for...

1. Branding: [provide your own photos / logo]
2. Identification
3. Skype [provide your skype I.D]
4. Remote Area locator
5. On Line timer
6. Calendar Scheduler
7. Spreadsheet
8. Calculator
9. Currency Calculator
10. File uploader
 All data can be emailed. Other appliances available are...
11. Camera,Video
12. Signature signer
13. Employee Clock-in / out timer
14. Check boxes
15. Todays date & Time.

The Remote Workers Supervisor Appliance is best suited for Press,News Reporters,Journalists,Film Crews,Touring Artistes,Company Representatives & negotiaters,Doctors,Midwifes,Social Workers,Surveyors,Bulding Inspectors,Foreman,Oil Rig & Oil Well Supervisors,Captains at Sea,Communications between any National or International Office,Freelancers & Any Remote worker worldwide. Furthermore with this device,employees can submit timely photographic verification,from Airports,Hotels,restaurants,of receipts and all expenses occured whilst abroad.

With the Conference room & screenshare a Manager can have the remote workers screens supervised throughout the day,to ensure that project time isnt being wasted on dating sites. Isnt it surprising that others havent yet come up with an amazing product like this?

Cost is £49 per / 4 users,if the Video screenshare capacity is required,other wise the form is unlimited.
With the Conference & screenshare room the app is limited to 4 users only.
If more than 4 users are required,we will build separate panels for teams of up to four, limited to 20.
If more than 20 users are needed then apply using the form below for a price disclosure.

                                     Order  a Custom made Remote work management tool  £49