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                                       This is the Payment Centre for a Private Broadcasters Group.  
                                                           Contact Your Promoter for the Purchase Price


1. The Broadcaster,be it a Band,an online Music Teacher, lecturer, registers to book an Event Broadcast.
2. We supply a link to the Broadcast Platform room.
3. They Advertise the Event and send links  to this page,and the Audience buys a Ticket. The Ticket should be purchased at least a day or half a day in advance.  
Once the Ticket has been paid (£s) at the Paypal Button,you follow the instructions below!

1. Contact Customer Services via the Skype address below to receive 
The Video Master Broadcast Control Room access Code:

2. Paste a Copy of the PayPal landing Page to provide evidence of ticket purchase,via the Form,and the Concert Broadcast Video Room link will be sent to you from the Skype Chat Room & email!